What Is the Premium Community Subscription?

The premium service community is an independent service with the aim of providing professional advice within the cryptocurrency market.

Under no effect, we are not responsible for losses due to poor control of personal risk within the client’s portfolio, except for those who acquire the manager plan.

Trade signals are signals based on technical and fundamental criteria, through the use of indicators and following the calendar of market activities.

However, it is important to remind the client that it is good management practice to make personal decisions and technical criteria, so that both parties can trust each other.

Because it is an extremely volatile market, we as advisors will never send fraudulent systems that threaten the growth of your capital or investment portfolio.

On the contrary, we will always be doing prior analysis and we will be reporting the periods in which the market is lucrative and those periods in which it demands a very high risk.

We understand that many traders initially seek day-trade operations. Therefore we make it clear that these are rare cases in our community and we prefer to work with swing trade or position trade. And, in the same words, create a monthly portfolio that guarantees month-to-month growth of the invested capital.

Recognizing the difficulty of the market in which we work, it should be made clear that not every time the same number of signals will be sent during the month. This point can vary from month to month and depending on market conditions.

To the above, it should be noted that traders have more results when they stay in the community for at least one year. This was the main reason we did a better structuring of our premium plans.

The client, person or trade that acquires any of our plans has a compensation of seven days or fifteen (and according to the plan) to evaluate our services. It is clear, after due payment and hiring of both parties. If after this period there is no claim, we as bidders will assume that there is agreement and the payment will not be refunded.

In extreme cases or major mishap happens, we as bidders will reimburse up to at least 60% of the subscription payment.

But, in the case there is an attempt of fraud by the client or trader who is being advised, unfortunately there will be no refund of the payment made and the client or trader will be excluded for life from the community.

Forms of fraud are considered as: copies of technical and fundamental analysis; forwarding of signals to other communities without prior authorization; disrespect for other community members and administrators; and similar activities.

We promise great responsibility with our services and extreme dedication to the calendar activities so that there are consistent results every month.

There will be cases in which some information will be sent globally to the community without any restrictions. We talk about the weekly newsletter, periodic news, reports and other similar ones. In any case, when there is confidential information, it will simply be sent only to members who assigned a plan higher than the basic one.

The person, client or trader who opts for the manager plan gains the possibility of obtaining the account manager service, which is executed via api trader. Both parties must reach an agreement on how the account to be managed will be managed.

For the previous one, a password or username will never be asked, much less deposits to our personal accounts. But it is clarified that some operations and especially to manage Binance Futures, sometimes it is optional to enter the client’s account.

We know this is cumbersome, but thanks to Binance’s security features, withdrawals are only made with prior authorization from the customer in his personal email.

We are very transparent and therefore every month we make a report of the operations carried out and an annual summary in order to evaluate the performance.

For the payment of the commission stipulated in the manager plan, we suggest that the account be managed for at least one year. However, the client, person or trader can make monthly payments and according to the results obtained during the calendar month.

Under no circumstances will the personal and financial information of each person, trader or client be exposed. We want to be as integral as possible.

Basic Plans Description

Based on past results, and some observations made with the last plans, we have restructured our plans to fit both your pocketbook and your level of trading experience. As of the date, all plans will become annual, but with the possibility of a monthly payment and by subscription. We have seen better results with clients who remain active for a period greater than one year.

The structure, then, follows the following levels:


Created for those beginning traders who want to try our services. They basically have access to our free community. Trade signals are limited to target 4. This plan is 100% free. Simply join our free community on Telegram.


Subscription that gives access to basic services for 30 days including seven days of compensation.


Subscription that gives access to basic services for 365 days including fifteen days of compensation.


Made for those traders who want to take a break from the market and want an auxiliary help; with all the benefits to obtain gradual and constant growth results, based on risk assessment and account management process.

For manager plan, it is suggested as a minimum capital and starting from $999,99. The capital division is made between 80% and 90% for the creditor of the account; and between 10% and 20% for the account manager. Feeds are not charged separately for used tools.

From the foregoing, the parties can reach a mutual agreement before starting operations.

With this type of client, basically what is done is to enter personal and corporate operations; considered to be of greater power with high profitability risk. All account management is done through Apis, and the subscription period is for 365 consecutive days after the activation and configuration of the account.


Designed for those traders, people or investors who want to save a lot of money in subscription feeds; obtaining the best advice in the market and with a lifetime subscription without expiration date.

This type of subscription includes the possibility of accessing the account management service and all its advantages.

About The Account

For the most part, members, traders or investors, are not required to create an account within our platform.

However, in order to make the proper subscription payments and obtain access to market reports and fundamental and private technical analyzes, it is important to have an account with which you can log into the platform. Also the creation of the account allows or will allow to obtain private functions that are not contemplated within the subscriber role.

All, without exception, and by creating an account, obtain the subscriber role and can navigate without problems on our website but with the restriction to our content and private articles.

Only the role of premium, manager or lifetime is assigned to those who have completed the subscription payment in the corresponding plan and after the due verifications.