The New Best Wall Street Crypto Journal In The World

The New Best Wall Street Crypto Journal In The World

We want with great joy to inform everyone that in the next few days we will be going through a small rebranding process in all our social networks, for the simple reason of having implemented our official blog.

From today all our publications, fundamental and technical analyzes, services and information will be available in one place.

Visit today and leave to us, your best email for contact on the main page. New updates very soon.

We want to be “The New Best Wall Street Crypto Journal In The World“.

This space will simply be to share clear, punctual and lucrative information, without giving many turns and with less possible publicity.

What Will Happen To The Current Blog?

As many noticed throughout our first year of work, we have been using the publish0x network to send you market updates and academic and strategy information. We have decided to create this space to have more credibility and a space that allows, as a whole, to carry the information in an orderly and consistent manner.

In any case, we will continue to distribute the information on our main social networks with the objective that it is you “reader” who decides the most comfortable way to read our publications.

However, very soon we will be compiling all the information in this new space and launching all our main services. This will help you “reader”, “crypto enthusiast”, “trade” or “person” not to feel lost with us and to have a high quality online reference tool.

And What Would Be The News?

With this space or online tool, we can provide you with simple technological solutions that automate our main services and that we have been offering within the Telegram platform, but with a difference.

That difference suggests having an empowered and satisfied audience with free and paid content. This suggests that we do not want to be simply a provider or market opportunity analyst. We want to be your main source and reference of information, with high quality, so that you obtain good strategies and excellent results.

It is valid then, and with the previous paragraphs, that we do not want to be providers of trade signals and sellers of online courses. First of all, for us a virtual consulting with consistent results is more valuable.

Believe it or not, there are already many trade signal providers on the market. That is why we want to get out of that tune and innovate, being the best newspaper or journal where you can find what you have seen and we have offered you during the course of our work.

So we want to give you “A new welcome to the way of seeing the financial markets”. The new side of the coin you’ve been asking for a long time.

See you in another time soon! The Rubikkav® Team!

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