Important Announcement For The Whole Community

Important Announcement For The Whole Community

Guys … these last days of the month we will take them to adjust some parameters in our platform We are passing some important information that is relevant to everyone, including: results data, premium user data, educational articles, among others.

We are currently working on the implementation of membership for the registration of new users and on membership payments with cryptocurrencies.

Until all these modules are implemented and tested, we will continue with the manual processes through the support of @rubikkav on Telegram and by email [email protected].

Thank you very much for the compression and brief updates the market will return. Enjoy with your family these days for which the market is looking for a new phase of re-accumulation.

Also, this short rest period will help us to compile the results of past trades and create a dedicated page on our platform where everyone can consult our operations in a simple and transparent way.

For now we invite you to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. By doing so, they will be able to obtain the information and updates directly from their postal email box. Subscribe here on